In this episode of the Smart City Podcast, I had an early start to have a great discussion with the Director of Sustainability of the City of Orlando Chris Castro. Chris and I really just scratched the surface on a number of projects that the City of Orlando is currently undertaking ranging from floating solar, connected and automated vehicles, solid waste and public safety. We also talked about Orlando’s culture of innovation and how the city is pioneering in the smart city space. Chris is particularly interested in how technology can play a role in accelerating a more sustainable future.

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“What sparked my interest is how technology can play a role in accelerating a more sustainable future”

“I envision this nexus between sustainable development and technology coming together to enhance quality of life, to protect the public, to improve government operations, to save tax payer dollars,  of course protect natural resources and environment and overall make our city a better place now and into the future”

“what smart cities has allowed us to do is really be this comprehensive, cross department initiative that allows us to work together and share resources, and really be more deliberate about how we’re incorporating technology to enhance the liveability, workability and sustainability of Orlando”

“one of the greatest challenges that humanity faces in the 21st century is global climate change and figuring out ways which we can essentially address this through economic development opportunities and ways we can spurge off creation in the green economy”

What we cover in this Episode:

  • Examples of how Orlando is using technology to accelerate sustainability
  • Some of the projects that are happening in the city of Orlando
  • How the Smart City concepts has allowed for a more comprehensive and integrated approach
  • Smart Cities Council Readiness Challenge (Winners 2017)
  • Orlando’s culture of innovation and robust engagement across all demographics
  • Smart Cities Council framework and key enablers
  • Orlandos approach to Smart Cities governance
  • Investment in renewables and zero emissions
  • Security and privacy in a digital age

Projects and People Mentioned:

  • Green Works Orlando
  • SpaceX and Kennedy Space Centre
  • Smart Cities Council

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