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SCP EP20: Using the Resources of Today to Build a Better Future Tomorrow, with Roxann Griffith

In this episode of the Smart City Podcast, I interviewed Roxann Griffith. Roxann loves to help people which makes her perfect for her role as the Regional Veterans’ Employment Coordinator with the US Department of Labor. Roxann talks passionately about the apprenticeship program she is involved in and how it fits into the smart city space. We also talk about the importance of workforce diversity and the future of work. Roxann presented at the IEEE GreenTech conference in early April so we talk a bit about that as well. It was really great to talk to Roxann as it she brought a difference perspective to the Smart Cities space.

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“it’s my mission to educate the cities and the industries out there, so that they can utilise the services and resources we have today to build a better future tomorrow”

“the apprenticeship program shows guaranteed growth…and so with the movement to have Smart Cities, I believe that tying the two together would provide the training that’s needed to have the personnel to build out the Smart Cities or operate the technology required to run a Smart City”

“if you target big cities in the different parts of the US…it’s going to have one of those ripple out effects, where it’s going to ripple inward into the country and eventually meet in the middle”

“there’s so much that we can do with Smart Technology to help bridge that gap between those jobs that people consider to be too much work…if we start building out Smart Cities, we are going to work smarter not harder”

“the younger generation has the power right now to do it and if we get them motivated and get them behind [the Smart City] mission, they can move it forward very very quickly”

What we covered:

  • Roxann’s background which includes the US AirForce and her current role in strategic outreach and coordination for veteran employment
  • Roxann’s mission to educate the cities and industries for the future
  • US Department of Labor’s apprenticeship program and how that fits into the Smart City space
  • How the apprenticeship program works, who is involved and training Smart City personnel
  • America’s changing thoughts on technology
  • An overview of Roxann’s presentation at the IEEE GreenTech Conference and conference overall
  •  Target bigger cities to be effective leaders in Smart Cities and the ripple out effects
  • Educating the masses and using social media
  • America becoming leaders and how Roxann is helping bridge the gap
  • Sustainable farms and how to get more young people involved
  • Working smarter not harder and learning from the younger generation


US Department of Labor – Veterans https://veterans.gov


You can connect with Roxann via LinkedIn and on email Griffith.Roxann.S@dol.gov

Connect with me via email: hello@mysmart.community

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