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SCP E31: A Tailored Approach to Tech, with Michael Cybulski

In this episode of The Smart City Podcast, I interviewed Founder and CEO of Retina Visions Michael Cybulski. Michael is passionate about pushing the boundaries when it comes to technology and focuses on implementing technology on a local scale. Michael and I discuss some of things his company Retina Visions is working on as well as how we can better integrate across the disciplines and change the way we think about risk. We also talk about Brisbane, as well as Smart Tech in rural areas and the emerging and important topic of security as we all become data platforms.

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“I was always interested in the idea of a futuristic technology-driven world…looking at every single aspect of life as data and understanding the ability to extract this data can enable future planners to make better decisions based on evidence”

“so rather than building technology that works on a universal sense, we look at individual cities or suburbs or streets…and see what that area specifically requires to better the lives of people using that area”

“open standards and data sharing is a good way to start integrating across the disciplines. Instead of individual areas spending large amounts of funds acquiring and preparing data, we need to enable the access to data that is ready for use now”

“infrastructure becomes a platform, vehicles and buildings become platforms and so will you and I, we will become data platforms that integrate with the environment, so while this provides many opportunities, governances and security will become the hot topics”

What we covered:

  • Michael’s interest in futuristic technology and pushing boundaries
  • A local approach to technology implementation
  • Defining what a Smart City is and looking at what is required
  • Focus of AI and machine learning
  • Locally dependant effects of technology
  • Using technology to gauge people’s reactions and digitalising the road network
  • Trialing technology in both the cities and rural areas
  • Looking deeply into a city and thinking of cities as having human-like characteristics
  • The importance of focusing on rural areas and using Smart Tech to reduce the gap between the regions and cities
  • Open standards and data sharing in order to integrate across disciplines
  • How we can lower risk in innovative projects and changing our thinking around risk
  • Brisbane becoming one of the many leaders in Smart Cities and the start-up space
  • Becoming data platforms and the importance of security
  • Being involved in this space so we can shape our future


Retina Visions https://www.retinavisions.com


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