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SCP E33: Riding the Next Wave of the Internet, with Louise Mercer and Leanne Kemp

In this episode of The Smart City Podcast, a podcast first, I interviewed two amazing people at the same time: Louise Mercer who is the Head of Everledger for Australia, New Zealand and Singapore and Leanne Kemp who is the Founder and CEO of Everledger. You’ll hear from both Louise and Leanne on how Everledger is a company concerned about prominence – so the origin and life cycle of high value things. Louise and Leanne dive deep into explaining blockchain, how it works and what this has to do with diamonds and insurance. We also discuss some of the other Smart tech they are exploring. Leanne shares her deep belief that blockchain is the next generation of the internet and Louise talks about the importance of preparing our future workforces for this new wave of technology.

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“blockchain is a distributed ledger technology which means that rather than centralising information in a singular data base….so that means you can bring together an eco-system of parties, say in a supply chain, where they may not know each other…or may not be able to trust each and create an environment where they can agree on certain facts” Louise Mercer

“Smart Contracts is a construct that really sits within a form to enable a set of known inputs with a set of logic to then execute upon a contract. So Smart Contracts are neither Smart or are they a contract by terms of legal stance but what it does do is sit as a part of blockchain infrastructure then enables the automation of events to occur” Leanne Kemp

“Blockchain in its core construct is next generation internet technology…we are now moving from what we once knew as the world wide web to the world wide ledger” Leanne Kemp

“Like every new and emerging technology there is a deep construct of education that’s needed and deep construct of experimental activity” Leanne Kemp

“The big challenge is how we help…equip people to be ready with a new skillset and a new way of thinking and operating so that they can embrace the technology coming through” Louise Mercer

What we covered:

  • Everledger’s focus on prominence, tracking the life cycle of high value items using blockchain
  • How blockchain and insurance are related
  • Supply chain transparency and trust between parties
  • How blockchain works and how it can create an environment of trust
  • How Everledger came to be and the diamond industry
  • Everledger and Smart City space
  • Smart Contracts not being Smart or a contract
  • Other technologies that Everledger is exploring
  • Blockchain being next generation internet technology
  • Integration across the disciplines via transforming human-based to digital
  • Education and experimental activity needed for new and emerging technology
  • Blockchain being a new way to think about governance
  • Smart technology changing our work force and getting ready for new jobs


Everledger https://www.everledger.io


Connect with Everledger on Twitter @everlegderio

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Connect with me via email: hello@mysmart.community

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