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SCP E36: Smart Holistic Solutions, with David Klingberg

In this episode of The Smart City Podcast, I interviewed David Klingberg who is the Director and Principal at Smart Planning and Design. David and I had a great chat about thinking holistically about delivering solutions and using technology to enable this delivery. We also discussed the Smart City funding that is currently on offer and more that needs to be done in this space to maximise the potential of the Smart City concept and expanding to our regions. I really enjoyed this strategic Smart City conversation.

Listen here:


“what is it in the digital space that we can use to deliver fantastic physical and other outcomes for our cities? Because that’s what its all about, creating great places for people to live”

“Melbourne and Sydney are both doubling their population in the next 35 years, so we are going to have to become Smarter about that and I really believe technology is part of the answer”

“we need to…ask what do we need and how can we use this technology and these networks to actually deliver more holistic solutions for the city then focus in on the individual projects”

What we covered:

  • David’s background in town planning and creating great cities
  • Working in the Philippines using smart phone data
  • Creating great places and strategic planning
  • Bringing together digital and analog
  • The six elements of Smart Cities
  • Federal Government Smart Cities and Suburbs Program Funding
  • Smart mobility and walkable infrastructure
  • Embracing technology to deal with population growth
  • Thinking of Melbourne as much more than the city
  • Thinking more holistically across Smart Regions and funding models
  • Smart City thinking in Melbourne and increasing the conversation
  • Using technology to influence change and deliver holistic solutions
  •  Building a knowledge base and seed funding
  • Promoting innovation in the regions


Smart Planning & Design http://smartplanninganddesign.com

Smart City Strategies and Solutions http://www.smartcityss.com/

Federal Government Smart Cities and Suburbs Program Funding https://www.business.gov.au/Assistance/Smart-Cities-and-Suburbs-Program

ASCA’s Australian Smart Communities Conference http://ascaconference.org.au


Connect with David on LinkedIn and email davidk@smartplanninganddesign.com

Connect with me via email: hello@mysmart.community

Connect with My Smart Community via LinkedIn or Twitter and watch on YouTube

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