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SCP E37: The Heart of a Smart City, with Zubin Pratap

In this episode of The Smart City Podcast, I interviewed serial entrepreneur and Founder of Whooshka.me Zubin Pratap. Zubin tells us more about Whooshka and solving urban congestion and shares his true passion of bringing people back to the heart of a Smart City. We also discuss the importance of standardising data to create boundary-less experiences and breaking down silos by asking why. We have a great discussion about how everyone has a place in the Smart City space and encourage people to get involved no matter their background.

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“the way we experience cities is going to change a lot and should change a lot…and as people are now increasingly living mobile lives, there’s a huge opportunity to for us to change the way we design cities, think about cities and understand how people interact with cities”

“A Smart City is one that has truly managed to use technology to put people back at the front, centre and heart”

“the future of signage…belongs in your device, in your car, in real time and dynamic”

“the risk of action is almost always lower than the risk of inaction”

“we have to stop thinking of failure as a serious consequence but rather it’s just a data point”

What we covered:

  • Zubin’s varied background, interest in technology and founding Whooshka
  • Founding Whooshka and solving unsexy problems
  • Putting humans at the centre of a Smart City
  • Technology playing a role in changing cities
  • Thinking of parking as an information problem and standardising data
  • Bi-direction city information and boundary-less experiences
  • Dynamic digital signage
  • The inventive nature of Australians and changing analog habits
  • Thinking of failure as data point
  • Starting with “why for humanity?” to break down silos
  • Trends and hype
  • Smart Cities being truly multi-disciplinary and stopping self-disqualification


Whooshka http://whooshka.me

Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends 2018 http://www.kpcb.com/internet-trends


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