SCP E50: Bonus | Key themes from the Future Cities, Future Leaders Delegation


In this episode of the Smart City Podcast, I cover some of the key themes from the recent Future Cities, Future Leaders delegation to Japan, led by the Minister of Tourism, Trade and Investment, Steven Ciobo. I share 11 of my insights from the trip, and talk a little bit about the Churchill Fellowship I’ve applied for as well.

I also share an anecdote of what happened just after the delegation when I got evacuated from Kyoto and how I realised I was alone in the world except for Siri and Google!

Listen here:

My 11 insights are:

  1. A delegation with diverse work backgrounds made for great conversations
  2. Relationship building is key
  3. Japan is focusing on the 3 Ps: people, production/productivity and participation.
  4. Australia can offer a lot in the global Smart Cities conversation
  5. There are peaks and troughs of technology use in Japan
  6. Three days was not long enough! This is only the beginning
  7. There are similarities between my experience in Japan and Korea
  8. There are some fantastic people working the Smart City space in Australia
  9. Toll booths!
  10. The differences between the Australian and Japanese approach to innovation
  11. The similar challenges of an ageing population, declining population and urban migration

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The Smart City Podcasts is produced by Ellen Ronalds Keene.

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