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Happy Holidays #smartcommunity!

We are having a much needed rest between Monday 24th of December until Friday 4th of January. This means we will start releasing episodes again on Monday 7th (and boy do we have some good ones!)

If you miss hearing my voice (and others) in your ears go back and have a listen to the very first episodes we released. Forgive us for some interesting audio quality but there are some absolutely fantastic people and amazing insights to be heard! Find them at mysmart.community or your favourite podcatcher.

I know it’s getting a bit late but there’s still time to get me a Christmas present! I’ve made it super easy, there are 3 options ???????? ????

1. I would love for you to come over and support the podcast at www.patreon.com/smartcommpod.
For podcast fans, there are monthly options which includes exclusive content just for #smartcommunity Patrons. For potential sponsors, you can pledge using the sponsorship tiers for a once off or monthly sponsorship opportunities.

The money raised on Patreon doesn’t go into my pocket, it will go straight back into the production and distribution of The Smart Community Podcast.

2. Write a rating and review on iTunes (or wherever you listen)
This helps us reach a wider audience and gets us into cool things like Apple’s Top Tech Podcast Lists etc.

3. Share the show with your friends, families, colleagues and enemies.
Let’s spread the #smartcommunity love!

Thanks again for this year #smartcommunity, it’s been absolutely amazing and I look forward to spending 2019 with you all! ????????????????????

Talk soon and have the best day,

Connect with me via email: hello@mysmart.community

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Episode Archive


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