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SHARE Mobility’s response to Covid-19

This is a time to unite as a global community, as we all deal with this global problem together.

The Smart Community Podcast is planned to continue as normal (which it will) but one of my guests reached out and offered to chat about how his company’s business model completely shifted because of the COVID-19 crisis.

Sharing stories is an important part of the process of moving through this time and also as we rebuild out the other side.

This is the first video of what may become a series of stories shared by #smartcommunity friends around the work.

It is unscripted in the hope that sharing these stories will ignite conversations, connection and collaboration as we come together virtually and support each other as we cope with this global crisis.

In this video you’ll hear from Ryan McManus, the Founder and CEO of SHARE Mobility.

Ryan and I met on my trip to Columbus in January 2020. In response to the current pandemic, SHARE is repurposing their shared transportation network and customer support staff to serve the needs of people who are staying at home.

This video was recorded on the 25th of March 2020. 

Ryan was a guest on The Smart Community Podcast in Episode 164:


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Episode Archive


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