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SCP E248 Where to Next for Smart Cities and Communities Part 19

Hello #smartcommunityfriends. I’m back with another bonus episode of the Smart Community Podcast sharing various guests answers to the question, ‘Where to next with Smart Cities and Communities?” And this time I’m sharing with you the answers from these guests: 

Listen here: 

Some themes that come through in the guest answers are around the current population shift for regional communities, better collaboration and integration, interconnectedness and more human centric focus in communities. 

The opportunities now for our regional communities to embrace the Smart Communities concept is growing and the learnings from Covid have shown us that work is no longer as location dependent and topics are not as geographically constrained. We have more resources available through technology and digital integration which gives us the ability to share knowledge on a global scale and opens many doors for better collaboration. Our interactions now do not have to be either digital or physical, but our interactions should be specific.

As Jacqueline Nagle says, “Wherever you are right now needs to be intentional and deliberate, and that’s the one thing I hope we don’t lose, we have to get rid of the either or, one or the other. And this is what being smart is all about, wherever we are, we need to be deliberate and intentional about it.”

As always we hope you enjoyed listening to this episode as much as we enjoyed making it. 


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