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SCP E285 Where to Next for Smart Cities and Communities Part 24

Hello #smartcommunityfriends, and hello to our listeners in Brussels, you are amongst this month’s top city for episode downloads. I’m back with another bonus episode of the Smart Community Podcast sharing various guests answers to the question, ‘Where to next with Smart Cities and Communities?” And this time I’m sharing with you the answers from these guests: 

Listen here: 

Some themes that come through in the guest answers are around inclusivity, knowledge sharing, better definitions and frameworks in Smart Communities and talent retention.  

Putting people at the forefront of Smart Communities really highlights the needs of the community and how we can do things better. Making communities more inclusive, accessible and sharing knowledge will help shift and change our Smart Communities to more human centered and holistic environments. We also need to have the ability to see things differently in order to build better solutions and not miss any opportunities. 

As Chelsea Collier says, “when we get too ‘end in mind’ focused, we miss the opportunity for the magic”. 

As always we hope you enjoyed listening to this episode as much as we enjoyed making it!


Smart Cities for Dummies by Jonathan Reichental 

Exploring Smart Cities Activity Book for Kids by Jonathan Reichental & Brett Hoffstadt

Greg Lindsay Articles 


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