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SCP E321 Using AI and Machine Learning to Organise your Life and Build a Sustainable Future, with Suzanne and Ashish Prabhudesai

Hi #SmartCommunity friends. In this episode of the Smart Community Podcast I have a fascinating chat with Suzanne and Ashish Prabhudesai about the app they created called RemoveAlist, which helps people project manage their house move while also participating in the circular economy and promoting sustainability and waste reduction. We start off talking about what Smart Community means to each of them, and then Suzanne and Ashish tell us how their own house moves and also recent natural disasters in Australia inspired them to create the app, and their tech startup Simply Save Australia. We talk about how harnessing data at the time of moving house can save people money and resources and brain power, the status of the app development itself, and some different use cases they’ve found based on feedback and collaborations. We finish our conversation discussing the need to provide kids the opportunity to move into the Smart space and getting kids involved as active citizens of the future. As always, we hope you enjoyed listening to this episode as much as we enjoyed making it. 

Listen here: 

What we cover in this episode:

  • What a Smart Community is to Suzanne and Ashish
  • The work they’ve been doing on their app, RemoveAlist and how it helps people project manage their home moves
  • Why Suzanne and Ashish created this app with data and waste management in mind from the start
  • How the app can help people begin their household’s digital transition 
  • The way using the app can save people money, resources and brain space 
  • The status of the app development itself and different use cases they’ve found based on feedback and collaborations 
  • The power of having the right information at the right time
  • The need to provide kids with the opportunity to become involved in the Smart space as active citizens of the future
  • How the app can help the whole family get involved in sustainability and waste management 


“Smart Communities are really all about harnessing technology to the best of our ability. And definitely for me, personally, I feel being able to harness that to create a sustainable future is probably the most exciting part of going down that Smart, AI, use of technology path.” ~ Suzanne

“Smart Cities are formed by communities and communities are formed by people. So for me, it’s important to equip the people with the right kind of technology that allows them to interact between themselves as well as businesses and government without compromising on privacy…It’s really focusing on the people, on the everyday people who need to benefit from any initiative, and that’s what the focus has been for us.” ~ Ashish

“There were two things that were common. One was the stress levels associated with moving home. And I think the second big thing was the waste that moving home generated.” ~ Suzanne

“So the intention is to bring that information into the app to make it a one stop shop for someone that wants to do the right thing [with waste], but doesn’t know how, as well as wants to de-stress their whole move.” ~ Suzanne 

“The recent natural events like flooding and fires, we were looking at some statistics, and it was horrifying the number of people who lost their homes and have no idea what they’ve lost in there. Obviously, [they’re] in a kind of a panic state. And in this day and age where now, shopping online is very common, there is a digital footprint of your belongings, of whatever purchases that you make, which can easily be transitioned into an asset bank. [You can] start your digital transition journey.” ~ Ashish

“We’re using moving as the trigger, because everyone has to kind of make lists at that point anyway. So you might as well harness that data at that point in time and then find multiple uses for it going forward.” ~ Suzanne

“We’re definitely trying to invest now for the future. But the future is our children and the younger generation. We need to provide them a transition opportunity to move into the Smart space. They are naturally well versed with technology, the adoption is very seamless, they’re five steps ahead [there]. But genuinely, they also need a Smart solution where they’re able to correlate between virtual and physical.”  ~ Ashish


Simply Save Australia Pty Ltd www.simplysaveau.com

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RemoveAlist – Apps on Google Play


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