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Zemcon offers Smart City and Community advisory services with a focus on Smart Mobility, Smart project management, Smart technology in regional communities, dealing with disruption and facilitating genuine collaboration.

How Zemcon Helps:

  • Identifying paradigm shifts that will affect you and your business
  • Understanding your pain points and providing practical strategies to improve
  • Analysing your #smartcity needs and guiding you through implementing your priorities
  • Providing expertise in the impacts of new technologies
  • Teaching you how to break down silos to enable collaboration

How We Do This:

  • Consulting services and advice
  • Key note speaking
  • #smartcommunity and #smartregion gap analysis framework
  • Facilitated targeted workshops and strategy sessions
  • Specialised event management and coordination

Please contact us on hello@zemcon.com.au. We would love to hear from you.

Visit us at zemcon.com.au