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Making Smart Communities that are Accessible, Liveable, and Sustainable for All.

Zoe Eather

Hi, I’m Zoe Eather.

I am a bit of an unconventional engineer, a millennial and a Churchill Fellow with a speciality and passion for Smart Communities and Smart Regions. I know that to create the communities of the future, we must use smart ways of thinking and technology intentionally as enablers to make the places we live more accessible, liveable and sustainable for all.

My mission is make the Smart Community conversation accessible to everyone so that we can all understand what is possible in this space today in order to build a better future for us tomorrow.

 I do this through hosting The Smart Community Podcast, keynote speaking, conversation facilitation and providing Smart Community consulting for all levels of government, industry and regulatory authorities. 

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My Smart Community

Here at My Smart Community, we ignite Smart Community thinking from the regions to the world.

Our founder Zoe Eather is a keynote speaker, facilitator and podcaster.

Zoe’s triple threat is that she thinks like an engineer, communicates like an entertainer and implements like a project manager.

Even more important than that? 

Zoe cares like a public servant.

Here at My Smart Community, we understand that there’s a lot of hype in this Smart City space, people making promises with no substance and tech companies selling you out-of-the-box solutions that don’t necessarily fit the needs of your unique community. 

Because of this, these conversations often start with the technology. Not only does that leave you feeling overwhelmed with options, but it’s the completely wrong approach! 

We need to start with the real needs of the community and the practical pain-points we are trying to solve.


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Together we work out what new ways of thinking and working are needed to fit your community context and look at a range of solutions. 

Then and only then do we look at what technology can do to support that.

This may include creating accessible and fun community initiatives, trialling the latest tech, bringing together stakeholders to develop your Smart Community Journey Plan and/or improving services through operational efficiencies (and many things in between).

My Smart Community does whatever it takes to continue to influence and shape the smart cities conversation by not starting with technology but actually the real needs of the community – including the people with the most at stake. 

As a public servant at heart, Zoe believes everybody in the community deserves service and access — not just those who are tech savvy or can afford to pay for multiple options.

Smart Community thinking is ultimately about making the places we live, work and play more accessible, liveable and sustainable for all.

Zoe is amazing at bringing people together, inspiring change through collaboration and fresh thinking. A great speaker and facilitator with strong technical expertise to back her up.

Priscilla Radice

CEO, Infrastructure Association Queensland

“Zoe has a real thirst for gaining new and exciting knowledge. She is very generous with her time, and has always impressed me with her commitment to her work but also to making the world a better place”

Ms. Kellie Charlesworth

Environment and Resources Lead QLD, Arup

“Cranking up the volume! The Smart Community Podcast is a much needed service for aggregating the voices of key leaders to provide a “journal” of sorts reflecting the nuances and evolution of this incredible global movement to transform our human experience.  Your passion and unique style shine through in this important work.”

Merrick Spain

 Former Emerging Technologies Practise Lead, Telstra

We were after a panel facilitator for the National Economic Development Conference that would not only be a great facilitator, but would also know a fair bit about the 'smart' discussion and would be an engaging and vibrant person. We got that from Zoe and so much more! Zoe's enthusiasm is contagious and her ability to join the dots is remarkable. Just have a chat with Zoe and you will see...

Leandro Lopez Digon

Economic Development Australia


The Podcast

This is the Smart Community Podcast, where Smart City and Community enthusiasts come together and share their experiences and expertise. Zoe Eather created The Smart Community Podcast to make a hub where other folks interested in Smart Cities and Communities could learn more about all the different aspects in a friendly and easy way.

On the podcast, Zoe Eather interviews people from all around the world, from many different backgrounds to talk about all things Smart City, Smart Town and Smart Region including, but limited to technology, data, community, thought leadership, human-centered approach, policy and regulation, and projects.

My mission is make the Smart Community conversation accessible to everyone so that we can all understand what is possible in this space today in order to build a better future for us tomorrow. I created the podcast mainly because I want to hang out with these exciting people, surround myself with them and together create #smartcommunities.

Zoe Eather

Most episodes will run between 30-45 minutes so sit back, relax, open your mind and enjoy The Smart Community Podcast.

How can we help you?

thinking differently & facilitating strategic conversations


The Podcast

People from around the world discuss all things Smart City, Town and Region.



Consultation on Smart Mobility, project management & technology.



Zoe not only educates what is possible but also inspires you to design your own future.

Zoe Eather
Zoe Eather Smart City Key Note Speaker

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Are you looking for an engaging speaker for your next event or conference? Zoe Eather is available for keynotes, panel discussions, moderating, master of ceremonies and half- or whole-day workshops.