Keynote Speaker

Zoe Eather 

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Humanising Smart Cities

Everyone focuses on the technology, but everything SHOULD focus on the people!

Change is happening whether we are involved or not. And there is enormous pressure for industry, government, and their agencies to get involved with the Smart Cities movement. However, the current approach to Smart Cities inadvertently create barriers for a better future because it can focus on technology for the sake of technology.

It’s time to Humanise Smart Cities by shifting to Smart Communities for the benefit of everyone. This approach breaks down barriers by breaking it down for people.

And it’s time to start now!

A civil engineer and data scientist with extensive global experience, Zoe takes the overwhelm of the technology conversation. She does this by sharing stories and insights which will surprise, engage and educate your audience about what is possible through technology and data. But she doesn’t stop there, Zoe will also lift the lid of some of the disasters that have been implemented in the name of Smart Cities, and the costly (and often embarrassing!) results when focus is not on the human experience — so you can avoid them!

Zoe’s methodology will empower audiences to think differently, ignite new ideas and unlock their potential to adapt in an ever changing world. Zoe will leave the audience with useful tools which they can use immediately to shape a future they want to live, work and play in.

This is the head start needed to thrive now and into the future for government agencies, business, individuals and communities around the world.



Zoe is trusted by:

Zoe is amazing at bringing people together, inspiring change through collaboration and fresh thinking….with strong technical
expertise to back her up!

Priscilla Radice 

CEO, Infrastructure Association of Queensland

Everyone was engaged and really thinking outside the box for solutions around Smart Communities” 

Beau Mills 

Executive Director, North Carolina Metropolitan Mayors Coalition, USA

“Zoe brings a different perspective, and is a welcomed disruptor to existing processes, programs and projects to ensure the outcomes are the best they can be for people and community” 

Russell Whale 

Intelligent Mobility and Connected Infrastructure, Arup

“Zoe was one of our favourite ‘go to’ people for our program due to her broad range of domestic and international engineering experiences, her 100% reliability, [the fact that she is] fast and easy to communicate with, and the passion, knowledge and humour she brings to her work.” 

Gemma Smith 

Senior HR Advisor (Corporate Human Resources), TMR