In this episode, I interview the Managing Director of IFC Collective, Darren Wren. Darren is a Civil Engineer with a diverse and expansive career. He’s excited about Smart City technology and exploring the space further both in the cities and in the regional communities.

We discussed a number of exciting areas of smart tech, including electric and automated vehicles, changing supply chains and revenue models, and how Australia can become Smart City leaders.

What we cover in this episode:

  • Darren’s background and interest in the Smart City space
  • How we as a society can adapt to the constant change that comes with technological advances
  • The projects Darren is working on at the moment
  • The importance of Smart City infrastructure that prepares for future changes even when we don’t know what they will be yet
  • What’s coming in terms of asset management systems and changing revenue models for government authorities
  • Why Australia is playing catch up to Europe and Asia in terms of Smart tech
  • The need to tailor Smart solutions to local Australian contexts
  • Barriers to rolling out Smart solutions in Australia, particularly in regional areas
  • The reasons more community education and user awareness is key
  • Power supply, demand and access for Australia’s Smart homes, Smart workplaces and electric vehicles
  • Why you need a camera in your fridge
  • How global collaboration will be a key part of Australia’s Smart City journey

“I think Australia is the ideal place to pilot and trial stuff because of its uniqueness in the global infrastructure world and our density clusters. It’s finding, to me, that council and authority that are willing to give it a go.”

“The skill is how we draw on all that knowledge around the world to make what we need here.”


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