In this episode of The Smart City Podcast, I interviewed the Chief Innovation Officer of Smarter Technology Solutions Danielle Storey. Dani and I follow on from our conversation from ASCA’s Australian Smart Communities Conference. We talk about using technology to solve problems and some of the projects that Smarter Technology Solutions is working on across Australia. Dani also explains how Smarter Technology Solutions came to be, which I loved hearing about. She also speaks about immersing in Smart Cities globally and how we can think of integration as a waltz in order to get the balance right. As well this Dani shares some insights into the emerging trends that she thinks will impact that ways we do things as we move forward in the Smart City Space.

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“I’m really interested in how technology can be used to solve problems in an outcome focused way…[using] technology to solve a issues not technology for technology’s sake”

“collecting all the data is only half the challenge…it needs to lead to an outcome”

“the amount of support, the amount of focus, the amount of vision that individual councils or individual regions have about what a Smart City is or what some of the technology underpinning it can do, drives a level of maturity”

“collaboration is really important, the word I’ve been using is co-creation and [it’s about] understanding each others perspectives and working collaboratively in a genuine sense”

What we covered:

  • Dani’s background in technology and system integration
  • What Smart Cities and Dani’s garage door have in common
  • Remote sensor technology and helping management council’s manage assets
  • Using technology for security, planning, efficiency and sustainability
  • What Smarter Technology Solutions is currently working on
  • How Dani and her business partner Ash Hare started Smarter Technology Solution
  • Being guiding hand in the Smart City space
  • Where Australia sits in the Smart City space and immersing in Smart Cities globally
  • Piloting technology based on understanding certain problems
  •  Crossing over disciplines in Smart collaboration and co-creation
  • The impact technology and integration is having on management and organisation structure
  • The importance of how data will be managed to inform decision making
  • Pulling silos of innovation together


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