SCP 116 Where to next for Smart Cities and Communities? (Part 1)

Zoe is back behind the mic after her Churchill Fellowship world tour so you’ll start hearing her voice again at the start of the regular podcast episodes. In this episode we’re doing things a little differently. Throughout this year, Zoe has asked each guests an extra question which was edited out of the regular interview: “Where to next for Smart Cities and Communities?” In this episode you are going to hear an amalgamation of a few of the answers from this year’s guests.

The loose theme of this episode is around the need for decision making and action on climate change: you’ll hear from Don McLean from episode 102, Mark Thomas from episode 111, Lisa McLean from episode 105, Ricardo Van Leunen from episode104 And finally Chunga Cha from episode 110.

All the guests agree that we need some urgent action and we need to think not just about what’s happening now, but more about the long term. We need to make decisions now that may not benefit people now, but will be beneficial in the long term. As always, we hope you enjoy listening to this episode as much as we enjoyed making it!

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